This project-based learning activity allowed CPs to put their knowledge of shapes to the test as they are learning to design and construct their very own zoo! This project is multi- leveled combining mathematics, mapping and ELA skills. While the task of designing a zoo sounds monumental, we broke it down into individual tasks for CPs. First, students selected animals to include in their zoo and learnt about what they eat, what kind of climate they need, and more. The animals were then drawn using geometric shapes e.g. squares, triangles and circles. We used colorful papers to distinguish our animals. Unfortunately our Project Zoo had to take a pause as the classes have gone online for all but we are determined to finish our task once we are back!

The second level of the task includes designing the habitats using their newly acquired geometric skills on shapes, and creating a space for each animal exhibit. They will also work on their mapping and coding skills to create a map of the zoo to allow for directions to popular destinations at the zoo. Numbers and time will be integrated once we are at the stage of pricing tickets, and also as they set a feeding schedule for the animals. 

After all of that work is done, they will get to add their names as zoo keepers!  It would be great to see this project to completion. Up to now CPs have taken the zoo project very seriously and have truly made it their own, while learning and applying skills along the way. And they are incredibly creative!