This topic, particularly important a few months before the next presidential elections and also so worrying when the abstention rates have reached records, is the one that our students of the History, Geography, Political Sciences and Geopolitics specialty in Premiere and Terminale reflected on during their classes on democracy (Premiere class) and on the environment (Terminale class).

The fruit of their discussions and their reflections found an exceptional extension through the interview that the students were able to have with Dominique Reynié, political scientist, university professor at Sciences Po and CEO of Fondapol, a foundation for political innovation. Very present in the media and on the national political scene, Dominique Reynié was this time invited by the association Europe, Education, School, located at the Lycée Jean-Pierre Vernant, in Sèvres.

The association invited our students to participate in the discussions and provide their testimonies and questions on the subject. It was an intellectually rich web conference that lasted more than an hour and a half and should nourish our students’ thoughts and will be reinvested in the next speciality classes.