In Section International -CPs have been learning about World Symbols, particularly famous monuments, national animals and important personalities of Indonesia, France and USA. Children learnt about important symbols of these countries and about their importance in history. While talking about the US, children virtually visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota where Ms. Anne (our virtual teacher) read us a book on Mount Rushmore and how it was made. We learnt about the Mount Rushmore monument and its designer and creator, Gutzon Borglum. How many people know that this majestic project took fourteen years and  was continued and finished by his son Lincoln? Children learnt about a great moment in American history and what hardships and obstacles were overcome in creating this iconic American monument. As a culminating activity children learned how to make a “subtractive” sculpture by carving soap with simple tools like plastic knives and paper pins. This was a good lesson for the kids and they realized and discussed the obstacles the artists must have faced while carving the faces of three presidents of the USA on Mount Rushmore.