In our CM1 EMILE science unit The Human Body: Building Blocks and Why Nutrition is Important, students are learning a number of topics regarding the human body. They are learning about the concepts regarding cells and how cells form the building blocks of life on Earth. 

They are also taught how collections of cells form tissues, and tissues form organs, and finally how organs work within the various body systems. Students are currently learning about the digestive system, they are learning about the fundamental part and function of this system. Our virtual narrator and nutritionist Nick Nutri is reinforcing basic facts that students should know about the importance of good nutrition and how to make good food choices in order to eat well-balanced diets.

To make it ‘real’ for the students we came up with the idea of working on a recipe of their choice that students can cook at home and that they think covers all the important factors that our nutritionist Nick Nutri has taught them about having a healthy diet. The students had a choice of preparing it at home with their parents and bringing the video to class or bringing the recipe to present it in the class. We had a great turnout of recipes last week! This turned out to be a super idea as it helped the kids not only to learn about nutritious food ideas from each other but also to be a part of the process so they can choose healthy food at home or at least try!