We have reached the end of a very exhausting year for our students, teachers, parents, the Vie Scolaire, admin staff and leadership team, but all these efforts have not been vain if you look back at the stunning achievements and the intense cultural projects of the essentially virtual 2020-2021 academic year! Here is a non-exhaustive list.
Themed days: Batik and Smile day, Worldwide French Schools Week, the Science Fair, World Earth Day, Europe Day.
Parties and celebrations: the Elementary school classes and international sections have celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,  Chinese New Year, Carnival.
Projects: Middle and High School students participated in ambitious multi-disciplinary cultural online projects such as Nautilus, mixing science and literature, or Cyrano in the era of digital communication, as well as a project around Alice in Wonderland combining literature and mathematics, or C’est pas sorcier, a multi-media science project, other projects referring to math, graphics and geometry with paintings of Kandinsky and Paul Klee.
Tributes & commemorations: there has been a vibrant tribute to Beethoven for his 250th anniversary in art and music classes, to Victor Hugo in history classes, to Gustav Klimt or Murakami in art classes.
Online exhibitions: there have been several online exhibitions through Kindergarten and Elementary to Middle and High School, allowing our students to express their feelings and emotions through art, and escape during a drawing, a painting or sculpture during this complicated time of lockdown. Drawings on disposable plates, self-portraits, mural projects to decorate our new school, open air painting thanks to the AES, paper people and animals, silhouettes, etc.
Competitions: LFJ-LIFE School has participated in several competitions and won distinguished prizes: Intercultural gaming, Asian Territories, International Youth Games, Short Story Writing contest, LIFE’s Got Talent, C0ding night, “Let’s read out loud!” organized by La Grande Librairie (France Télévisions), “I film the job I like” for which we won a Silver Clap live from the Rex in Paris in presence of actor Jean Réno!
Extra-curricular activities AES: outside painting, manga drawing, game making, graphic design, robotic, modern jazz dance, traditional dance, piano and introduction to music.
Our brand new libraries BCD & CDI, a new cultural space for the LFJ-LIFE that opened on October 5th 2020, welcoming various cultural performances and events such as the magnificent project kamishibaï “Gribouillard in Jakarta” by the CM2 and 6e students.
Inter-school exchanges: LLCE Jakarta-Marrakech, Virtual Choirs in Asia and Musical Journey in Asia PROZAP, CP penpals with the Ecole Centre of Vénissieux near Lyon.

We certainly forgot to name some along the way, it’s been such a rich and powerful cultural year, let’s congratulate each and everyone of you for your contribution.