On the last day before Christmas holiday “Santa Claus – the Original one” came to visit the students of 3e during the class of LV2. Within the intercultural learning project of LV2, the students of German, Chinese and Spanish language are presenting a particular celebration of their respective language countries to the others. The LV2 Allemand students chose to present the tradition of “Nikolausabend” (meaning: Nikolaus eve) celebrated on 5th December. After informing the group with PPP about the background and various traditions of Saint Nikolaus in different european countries, the session ended with singing songs and a roleplay. A dressed up “Nikolaus” and his Companion “Knecht Ruprecht” (german name for “Père Fouettard”) came to report on the students behaviour throughout the year and either give little presents or the stick. Knecht Ruprecht had little works to to and finally everyone got its sweets, including the teachers.

During the first week after the holiday then the LV2 Chinese group arranged a beautiful presentation and degustation for IMLEK, the chinese New Year celebration. The classroom filled with vibrant red and orange colours, delicious scents of dumplings (“jiao zi”) and musical renditions of Chinese songs for New Year and a better tomorrow (songtitle: “ming tian hui geng hao”). What a great Start of the Year with Peace, Joy and a sense of Abundance!