In the spirit of Christmas, we challenged our three ESL/SI classes to put up and decorate Christmas trees using different techniques. The classes that participated under the guidance of Ms. Samira were the kids from CP, CM1 and CM2. 

A similar tree template  was given to each class and they were asked to fill the tree with a specific technique using different color palettes. These trees were then displayed at our school fair last Friday.  The very best was selected by our school community during the fair, who voted to determine the tree that was their favourite from the three trees on display.

Finishing in first place with 49 votes was Tree 2, made by the kids from CM1 who used spirals and dots to decorate their tree. CM2 came in close second with 44 votes. Their tree used a geometric theme. Sliding into third was  CP who used flowers as their theme. This tree laden with flowers was the most colorful of all! 

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted for their favorite Tree! All three were remarkably done and each one deserves its due attention.