Studying History and Geography while reading

Our school has now been a partner of the History Book High School Student Prize for the past two years and the Geography Book High School Student Prize since this year. We have almost accompanied the birth of these two awards which take place within the framework of two prestigious festivals, the International Festival of Geography of Saint-Die and the Rendez-vous de l’Histoire of Blois. This year, our students majoring in HG Geopolitics and Political Sciences in Premiere and several students of Terminale have started reading five geography books on which they will debate together first and then with other High School students from French High Schools to elect the Grand Prix. In January, we will go on an adventure with five new history books on the anonymous people of Saint Bartholomew, the great chief Antonin Careme, the colonization of the Sahel-Sahara or the rites and practices in Pompeii and the genocide of the Jews in Ukraine…

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