What started out as a unit on history reading about European Explorers, led the CM1  students of Section International to do what they can to help animals in their community. It started as an idea while discussing European explorers and their expeditions to bring back spices from the Far East.

CM1 seemed smitten by the idea of trade and wondered if they could start their own business. Left with a desire to make a difference, CM1s, with the help of their teacher, created their own action plan that could combine trade and service to the community.

The class decided to raise funds to donate to the Shelter Pak Johan (SPJ),  a local dog shelter in Jakarta. The excitement soon spread among the thirteen kids and they started working on their business plans in January 2022. The business plans were submitted along with product costs, marketing plans and product descriptions. Some decided to work in teams and some wanted to fly solo, regardless they all came up with a unique product idea that they wanted to sell. Each idea was then presented by the ‘entrepreneur’ in the class.The idea started taking shape and soon the class was getting ready to organize their own ‘kidspreneur’  event  at the school.

On April 14 th , the SI-CM1 students, alongside their teacher and family support, are hosting a ‘bake-for-cause’ event to raise funds for the local dog shelter. All the money raised will be delivered to representatives of the dog shelter who will be present at the school on the day and will give talks to the school about their facility where they house more than 500 dogs. “It feels really good because some animals don’t really have homes and I’m happy that we can raise funds for them,” said one student. These amazing, generous and kind kids are demonstrating that you are never too young to make a difference.