The School Education Board

The team behind LFJ

Composed of the leadership team, staff representatives, parents' representatives, elected students, a representative of elected parents, the Embassy's Cultural Advisor, the Consul and two consular advisers, it is chaired by the Head of the school and meets at least once a quarter. It is responsible for all academic and educational matters of the school.

The School Education Board adopts

• the school project, following a proposal from the School Governing Board and the Secondary School Board
• the internal regulations of the school after consultation with the preparatory bodies (School Governing Board and Secondary School Board)
• the school year calendar
• the proposal for the employment of expatriate and resident staff

The School Governing Board is a source of information for:

  • the selection of educational textbooks and materials
  • organization of special support services
  • organisation of parent-teacher meetings, especially those taking place at the beginning of the school year and orientation

The School Education Board issues an opinion on

• proposals for changes in educational structures and class composition
• educational action projects
• activities program of associations and clubs operating within the school
• questions relating to the welcoming and information of parents, the general modalities of their participation in the school life
• planning and financing of school trips
• the organization of the Vie Scolaire office
• questions relating to hygiene, health and safety and the work to be carried out in these areas
• the integration and care of disabled students
• catering and school transport
• service delegations or procurement
• the budgetary needs of the school and the use of the resources allocated during the presentation of the school’s budget
• the training action plan, following the proposal of the life-long training committee


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