School catering

The school canteen accessible to students and life SCHOOL staff consists of an air-conditioned indoor room and an open wooden outdoor pavilion.


They consist of a starter, a main course to be chosen between Western or Asian option and a dessert. In kindergarten, the main course served is Western or exceptionally Asian if the Western option contains pork. The portions are scalable according to the nutritional needs of the children. In addition, children can refill their chosen main course up to three times. It is also possible to get extra servings of starters and dessert if there are enough portions available.


A snack made entirely of fruit is offered during the first recess for elementary and secondary school students. To access this, parents can top up a snack account at the finance office every Monday morning.


Allergies and specific diets are taken care of by the catering service. If needed, please contact the health service and/or school catering. No outside food may be eaten on the school premises for lunch.


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