It is one of the best kept secrets of WWII. It was not until 1974 that the mysterious activities of the Bletchley Park team began to be unraveled and even 2003 for Alan Turing to be recognized as a hero of the Second World War when the “secret act” was finally partly revealed. It is because the Turing machine made it possible to decipher the coded messages of the German navy, saving thousands of lives and shortening the war from 2 to 3 years according to historians. It was therefore impossible to reveal such a discovery to the world, even after the war; and yet, a spy from the USSR was part of the team!

It is this spy that our students in 3e had to identify in an enigma against time involving their team spirit, their perspicacity and their knowledge of history. This was their last history class of this year, and the students brilliantly rose to the challenge and concluded this EPI on cryptography offered by M. Le Guennec, math teacher and M. Vlérick, in History-Geography.