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Recruitment campaign 2023-2024

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For your application to be considered, please send us by email a complete electronic version file (no paper file) to the following address: secretariatdir@lfjakarta.org.

An acknowledgment of receipt will systematically be sent to you by the secretary’s office.

Please note that given the number of applications, the secretary’s office does not follow up on forgotten documents. No reminder is made and the application will then not be considered a priority.

In order to facilitate the processing of your file, we ask you to save the different items of your resident file as follows: your first and last name and the position for which you are applying (department). In this general file, please classify your documents in sub-files by specifying the name of the document: example: your name and first name-CV. All documents should be scanned into PDF and zipped into one folder. Our secretary’s office will be highly grateful to you!

Communication of results
Only the candidates ranked in the top 3 are contacted and informed of their ranking. A 72 hour period is given to each candidate to respond to the job offer. If the proposal is accepted, the candidate must complete a job acceptance form and can no longer accept other proposals.

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