The parent representatives’ election to the School Governing Board and the School Education Board will take place online from Monday 4 to Friday 8 October 2021. Parents must vote for 3 representatives to the School Governing Board and 10 to the School Education Board. If you wish to be candidate, please make yourself known by email to before Friday, October 1st.

The School Governing Board deals with educational issues for the whole of LIFE School, the School Education Board only for that of Primary. The School Governing Board meets at least 4 times a year, the School Educational Board at least 3, without mention of the possible extraordinary meetings. The representatives to the School Governing Board also sit in the different boards that come from it or in the work groups that it implements.

Each parent is an elector and has one vote, whatever the number of children attending the school. The families will receive on Monday 4th October an email indicating the different voting options, as is done for the General Assemblies.

The LIFE School leadership team is at the parents disposal should they wish any more information.