“On a summer night there was a terrible thunderstorm and lightning crashed into the reading tree. It remained planted upright, but its branches were almost all black. […] We made tree powder, we added some water from the river and let the mixture dry in the sun. After a few days we had some nice sheets of paper.”

Reading this book,” the reading tree “, in CP, as well as the various questions carried out in Science to reduce the amount of waste at school, led the CP students to recycle paper. Library books ready to be thrown away, former students’ notebooks, drafts from different classes… Guided by the students of the reinforced plurilingual-French group, who had previously worked on the vocabulary, the children fully invested themselves in producing a few sheets of various thicknesses and different colors. They will now have to think collectively about how it will be used! A great moment shared between the students, and a way to raise awareness of sustainable development from an early age! (More photos on the website blog)