CE1 SI students have been studying about Ramadan and Easter, the two religious holidays this month. They compared Ramadan here and in the US. Also, they compared Easter in the US and France. The students were interested to know that the South of France has a special tradition that makes large omelets for Easter. Here is the link to show the traditional event held in France each year: https://youtu.be/2M3fhR6UxCY.

CE2 SI students have been doing a mini research project about one of the Midwestern states. They made a poster which gave basic information about the state that they chose. After that, they had the opportunity to do an extension activity about the state. Some extension activities included drawing the state flag, designing the license plate or doing a research activity about a specific topic concerning that state. After finishing, each student did a presentation of their state. Here is an example of a state poster along with the extension project.