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The language curriculum is one of the major axes of all the AEFE network schools in order to meet our ambition to train future citizens of the world.

At LFJ, all Primary school classes are organized into sections. The idea behind these sections is to set up common lessons for all students and then to offer several language pathways. The curriculum and the teaching goals remain, for all sections, those of the French Ministry for National Education.

English as a second language

3 hours per week

This is the Anglo-Saxon language and culture class for all students from CP to CM2. It is provided by experienced teachers who practice an active education. These lessons are organized in small groups.

Subject teaching through the integration of a foreign language

2,5 hours optional per week

This program is based on a double methodological approach: a subject is taught through a foreign language. Students can therefore progress in the discipline while improving their language skills. The concept of integrating a foreign language into a teaching of a subject, that is central to the EMILE approach, emphasizes that the language is no longer an object of learning but a vector of learning. This type of teaching supplements the classical ESL language curriculum.

International American Section

2 hours per week

The International Sections are sections integrated into the French system offering education not only in the language but also in the culture and teaching methods of the country. They are conducive to the construction of bilingual and plurilingual skills and develop in the learner an aptitude for interculturality. The lessons are taught by native speakers who hold a teaching qualification in their country.

Teaching the language of the host country

45 minutes per week

All students, regardless of the section chosen, receive instruction in the language of the host country: Bahasa Indonesia. A possibility of further study is offered as an option during extra-curricular time.
In Kindergarten
(PS, MS, GS)
Two pathways in Kindergarten, one reinforced French, the other reinforced English.


The curriculum and the teaching goals remain for all sections those of the French Ministry of National Education. In Primary school, classes are organized into sections.
  • Class in French: 22h15
  • English as Second Language (ESL): 3h00
  • Bahasa Indonesia: 0h45
  • Class in French: 20h15
  • English as Second Language (ESL): 3h00
  • International section: 2h00
  • Bahasa Indonesia: 0h45
  • Class in French: 17h45
  • English as Second Language (ESL): 3h00
  • International section: 2h00
  • Subject teaching through the integration of a foreign language (EMILE): 2h30
  • Bahasa Indonesia: 0h45

asked questions

This section is intended for all students with a sufficient level of French to learn the program of the French curriculum. It will also be a lever to bring our Anglo-Saxon students into the French language by building on their mother tongue and culture.
This International reinforced English section (2h30 of additional EMILE per week), coming in addition to the 3 hours of ESL and 2 hours of International Section, is intended for students with a good level in French and a sufficient level in English to take language lessons.
This pathway is intended for students whose priority educational needs are mainly focused on learning French in order to enable them to secure the curriculum within our education system. Please note that this pathway benefits from a significant number of hours of English (3 hours per week) as well as classes in Indonesian.
Formal assessments will be planned for students wishing to join the “International Reinforced English Section” to ensure that their fluency in English allows them to follow lessons in a foreign language. For the other pathways, the French teacher will be able to assess the educational needs of his students through the various daily learning sessions as well as the various assessments planned throughout the year. For new students, some observation time in French will be necessary before directing them to the International section.
No, the students are divided into different classes and are grouped into sections for their language classes.
A teacher, native speaker, holding a teaching diploma.
Plurilingual – reinforced French section pathways: 3 hours per week in small groups International section pathway: 5 hours per week (3h00 of ESL + 2h00 of International section) International reinforced English section: 7h30 per week (3h00 of ESL + 2h00 of SI + 2h30 of EMILE)
Yes, the continuity of the program is planned in cycle 3 in 2020 and then in Junior High school afterwards.
As long as the student does not encounter any particular difficulties, yes in cycle 2. In cycle 3, assessments will be planned.
In addition to offering a real cultural openness, it gives students the possibility of acquiring a very good language level. Thus, at the end of CM2, the expected level corresponds to level B1 in oral expression and level A2 (CEFR) in oral and written comprehension, as well as in written production. Continuity from Primary to Secondary school is planned, so that the student can eventually take the International Option of the Brevet des colleges and then the International Option of the Baccalaureat.

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