On April 12th, after more than a year of online learning, the Lycée Français was one of the first schools in Jakarta to reopen its campus doors to students. Our school has been approved as Pilot Schools by the Ministry of Education for the quality and reliability of its health protocol. It is in this context that LFJ welcomed this week 10 Indonesian Primary School Directors from DKI Jakarta. The aim was to present them with the various measures put in place at LFJ to enable them in turn to welcome students into class for the next academic year.

“Welcoming School Directors is an initiative of Bapak Momon Sulaeman, in charge of the reopening of DKI schools. He first gave us the general framework of the Piloting Schools program that we have been working on for several months. Inspections have approved all the measures put in place inside our school. All this work on the sanitary rules is what we are now passing on to the School Directors as part of this training. We begin by explaining the general and theoretical framework of welcoming students back on campus by sharing the details of our health protocol (40 pages).

We then tackle practical questions, welcoming on site, flow directions, social distancing, training of teachers, students and parents. We also devote a time to discuss the cleaning and disinfection protocols of the premises. Finally, we end with the technical considerations and the necessary upgrades to adapt all these sanitary rules ” explains Brahim Oualli, Head of LFJ.