LFJ’s Extra-Curricular Activities (AES) office has been offering online activities since the beginning of online learning. We have selected activities that intend to be diversified while being adaptable to an online practice. We have chosen to offer time slots so that activities follow the pace of students and adults during this lockdown period. We offer various sessions in order accommodate everyone who wishes to take part in an AES. There is therefore no limited number of participants, and registrations remain open throughout the year. It has been decided to keep the offer of an AES credit of 2,000,000 IDR per child / year in order to give everyone the possibility to have a free activity, even online. Currently, 10 online AES are offered via the MOODLE portal on the LFJ website. This offer will be broadened very soon in order to reach a wider audience and diversify its activities. As of today, anyone enrolled at LFJ as well as the parents have access to the following AES:

1 / Homework support: Elementary, free AES

2 / Capoeira: from MS to CM2

3 / Spanish: Junior High School

4 / Ballet: from MS to CE2

5 / Gymnastics: from MS to CE2

6 / Hip Hop: Elementary and Secondary

7 / Painting: from MS to CM2

8 / Drama: from 6e to 4e

9 / Pilates: Parents

10 / Yoga: 3e – Senior High school – Parents

As of today, we also offer you to contact us by email at aes@lfjakarta.org to pre-register for the following AESs that we wish to set up from Monday, January 18th:

– CAPOEIRA Adults: Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

– TRADITIONAL INDONESIAN DANCE from MS to Junior High School – Adults: time slots TBD – according to number of participants

– MODERN JAZZ Elementary – Secondary – Adults: time slots TBD according to the number of participants

– GYMNASTICS Adults: Monday from 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

– PAINTING Junior and Senior High School – Adults: time slots TBD according to the number of participants

Attentive to any question, we guarantee an answer to your messages within 24 hours.