Big Question: How does Erosion affect people, communities and earth’s surface?  In our Science Unit- Processes That Shape Earth, CM2 students learnt about Erosion. Erosion may be caused by natural forces such as water, rain, winds, waves, and other surface activities. Students were particularly looking at the landform itself and the amount of water within the system.

Following the investigative approach students were asked to set up a stream table to see the first hand effect of erosion on land. Students working in pairs set up a river system containing water, sediment (clay and sand), and other variables such as slope. Students evaluated the model under different circumstances such as rainfall ( watering can to mimic rain), winds (using straws to blow wind), high slopes (elevation of the stream table) to see and observe sediment and erosion patterns. As each team completed its turn with the stream table the students discussed and wrote their observation in the Erosion Investigation Report.