High school history book prize

The HGGSP major students in Terminale will participate next September in the second edition of the High School History Book Prize as part of the famous Meeting with History Festival in Blois. Our students will join the high schools located in the Orléans-Tours district to elect the best history book from a particularly rich selection. From June onwards, our students will be invited to meet one of the participating historians online:

  • Romain Bertrand, Qui a fait le tour de quoi ? L’affaire Magellan
  • Hélène Dumas, Sans ciel ni terre, paroles orphelines du génocide des Tutsis
  • Guillaume Blanc, L’Invention du colonialisme vert
  • Camille Fauroux, Produire la guerre, produire le genre. Des Françaises au travail dans l’Allemagne nationale-socialiste(1940-1945)
  • William Chester Jordan, La Prunelle de ses yeux. Convertis de l’Islam sous le règne de Louis IX

This participation will be an excellent opportunity for our high school students to develop their argumentation, their oral skills and to discover some of the most current historians and research subjects. Happy reading to our young festival-goers!

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