We had the pleasure this week of presenting their medals to the winners of the “1st Nika Artistic Gymnastics – Virtual Invitational 2021 Indonesia” Gymnastics competition which took place in December 2021. Students participating in AES Gymnastics were selected to participate in an online competition by posting videos of their performance on compulsory figures. This competition was attended by schools from all over Indonesia, and we are proud of the results of our Life School students. LEVEL 2 – 8 years old: Charlotte Oberle CE2 A Gold Award LEVEL 2 – 9 years old: Freiya Amanti-Geneix CM1 A 1st place Gold Award Individual All-Around LEVEL 2 – 9 years old: Noya Li Mulenga CM1 A Gold Award 4th place Individual All-Around LEVEL 2 – 10 years old: Emma Gautier 6e Silver Award LEVEL 2 – 11 years old: Celia Leynaud 6e Gold Award 5th place Individual All-Around