Examinations and Certifications

100% success rate for the 2023 Baccalaureate!


The Lycée Français of Jakarta prepares students for the French national diplomas.

The NATIONAL BREVET DIPLOMA assesses the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of junior high school. It is balanced between assessment of the core (ongoing assessment) and final exams.

The BACCALAUREATE is obtained at the end of the Terminale class. It gives students access to higher education. The 1e students in 2019-2020 inaugurated the new organization of the baccalaureat.

Parcoursup is the national platform for pre-registration to the first year of higher education in France.

The new baccalaureate consists of final exams and ongoing assessment from the 1e class onwards, to enhance and encourage regular work.

The new baccalaureate brings its meaning and usefulness back with a remuscle exam and an easier high school life.

In 2023, the Lycée Français of Jakarta obtained a 100% success rate in the Bac with 85% very good, good and fairly good mark and a 100% success rate in the national Brevet diploma with 94% very good and good mark.


As part of its language policy, the Lycée Français of Jakarta offers certifications in English, French, Mandarin, German and Spanish.



It is financially supported by the school for all students enrolled in CM2, 3e (end of cycle 4) and 1e or Terminale (end of Terminal cycle).


(UKBI)Uji Kemahiran Bahasa Indonesia

It is organized by Pusat Bahasa.


(DSD)Deutsches SprachDiplom

This certification is organized by the Goethe Institut.


(HSK)Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi

This certification is organized by the Chinese Ministry for the Promotion of the Chinese Language. It is possible to pass it in Jakarta where several sessions are organized each year. These sessions take place on Sundays.


(DELE)Spanish as a foreign language diploma

This certification is organized by the Cervantes Institute.