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Enrolling at the Lycée Français of Jakarta

  • Birth certificate or copy of the French “livret de famille”
  • School attendance certificate except for the early kindergarten class (PS)
  • School attendance and dismissal certificate for students from CP onwards
  • School file + school evaluation booklet
  • Report card for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester of the last attended class
  • Vaccination record copy: the DTcp vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis Polio) is compulsory and BCG is strongly recommended. (to be handed in upon arrival in Jakarta)
  • Legal guardian and child’s passport copy  (to be handed in upon arrival in Jakarta)
  • Child’s residence visa copy and legal guardian’s visa copy: service, or diplomatic or Kitas visa (to be handed in upon arrival in Jakarta, as soon as it is obtained)
  • Insurance certificate for medical care
  • Repatriation insurance contract and telephone number of the assistance company
For any enrollment, please place your request via our Eduka portal:
The re-enrollment procedure for the following year applies to students already enrolled in the school. During the 3rd trimester you will have to complete online on Eduka a re-enrollment file including the following year’s “Financial Regulations” document to be signed. You will receive a re-enrollment confirmation email at the end of the 3rd trimester.
In the event of final departure from the school, the following procedure must be followed: At least one month before departure, complete and submit the departure form on your Eduka portal. Return the books/documents/media/manuals to the BDC or CDI no later than 1 week before the scheduled departure date. The dismissal certificate and the school record are given to parents on the student’s last day of school by the admissions office, provided that the family is in good standing with the finance department and that all books have been returned.



All classes are made up of students from the Reinforced English section and students from the Reinforced French section.


We welcome students from 6 to 11 years old from CP to CM2. All classes include students from the American international section.


The junior high school marks the entry of students into the high school curriculum.


  The program offers classes in the native language (English) but also incorporates American culture and teaching methods.


  We prepare students for French national diplomas. We also offer certifications in English, French, Mandarin, German and Spanish.
Yes, we welcome all nationalities including children of Indonesian nationality (Contact us)
We are proud to count around 32 different nationalities.
LIFE school offers a professional learning environment on a friendly and welcoming campus. We abide by the French curriculum under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced teachers. We have chosen to place a strong emphasis on foreign languages. LIFE school offers its students the opportunity to become citizens of the world through the development of their knowledge, skills and creativity. LIFE school emphasizes the dimension of linguistic and cultural reciprocity, equality and respect between languages, cultures, histories and identities.
Annual tuition fees cover tuition, school and LIFE school liability insurances, textbooks, fees for the compulsory certification course in English and registration for an extra-curricular activity (AES).
French educational schools abroad offer quality education that meets the requirements of the French National Education. They welcome students of all nationalities. They bring this cultural diversity to fruition through innovative pedagogy and a spirit of openness, with particular emphasis on language learning. They are part of an international, dynamic and attractive network which develops particularly enriching joint educational projects. This membership in a vast global network allows children to follow a seamless education, from kindergarten to baccalaureat, from one school to another and from one country to another. Studying in a French school and obtaining the baccalaureate opens up particularly interesting prospects for higher education, in French or international universities and in French grandes écoles.
Yes. LIFE school offers free language certifications for students. The Cambridge certification is intended for students in CM2, 3e and 1e. The Indonesian language certification is for Elementary school students. The Spanish language certification  “el campeonato” is for students studying Spanish as a second language.


We have selected a series of questions that the parents frequently ask.

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