ourist migrations, undermined by the covid-19 crisis, had counted more than one and a half billion international tourists’ arrivals in 2019. The amounts generated by the industry are close to or exceed the revenues from the oil industry or agro-food and one in 10 jobs is linked to tourism. Certain countries like Mexico, Thailand or even more the Seychelles or the Maldives depend on tourism which sometimes represents more than 25% of their GDP. This is also the case for cities like Cancun, Marrakech, Venice, Dubrovnik, etc.

It is therefore a major issue for communities at all scales. No wonder some have turned to our Seconde students to carry out their territorial marketing tourism campaign! And the result is quite attractive. So what will be your next destination (post-covid of course)? (Find the work of our students on our website, in the Blog section)