As part of the workshops organized for the major in HGGSP, the Premiere students attended this week an exciting web conference given by Mr. Edmond Dounias, Ethnobiologist, Research Director at the IRD, Research Institute for Sustainable Development , and invited by the Indonesian Heritage Society.

For just over an hour, the audience met the rainforest hunter-gatherer tribes, especially from the Congo Basin and the island of Kalimantan/Borneo. More specifically, the subject of this communication focused on the naturalistic knowledge and the independance of the children of these communities, far from any political correctness and ready-made ideas on the necessarily unshakeable benefits of education. This was an opportunity for our students to discover and reflect on the challenges of transmitting knowledge for their peers, who come from populations “on borrowed time”, with a disturbing mirror effect of our Western and so-called civilized societies. This topic of knowledge and education that our Premiere students will go back to next year as part of the study field of their major in Geopolitics in Terminale.