Two months after the launch of the second phase of work, we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel! Last Tuesday, Sylvain Julien, Chair of the Board of Governors, accompanied by Séverine Belmon, the school’s architect, and members of the renovation work committee went to LFJ to check on the last details. In a few days, everything will be done. Upon their return, students and parents will discover a completely reorganized school with a new entrance, a redesigned playground, new classrooms, a bright library and a sublime green theater.

“For years, the successive Boards have worked to improve the Lycée Français of Jakarta in accordance with the parents’ choice to stay in Cipete. I would like to thank all the people who volunteered their precious time to the school. Without their contribution, our school would not be what it is today. I also thank the parents for the trust they place in the members of the Board of Governors.

The two grounds adjoining the science building were integrated into the existing site with the construction of the terraces overlooking a green space that was lacking. It also allowed us to improve circulation in the canteen, optimize the use of the gazebo and add a terrace which increases the student capacity of this canteen. The modification of the main entrance and the interior courtyard allowed for a better integration of the science building with the rest of the school.

The school’s administrative services and other support services are now easily accessible around the central courtyard. This important phase of the project is expected to be completed early February. You will then be able to come rediscover your school. The Board team as a whole plans to work on signage to improve everyone’s experience in the school” is happy to say Sylvain Julien.