Two libraries available to students

« To educate is to build » Victor Hugo

The Lycée Français of Jakarta houses a Library and Documentation Center (BCD) in Primary school and a Documentation and Information Center (CDI) in Secondary school. They are places of life and culture for all students.



The BCD (Bibliothèque Centre de Documentation) is open to all primary school students from Monday to Friday at 7:45 a.m., including during recess and lunch breaks. The BCD is under the responsibility of a librarian, specialized in library management, children's literature, media and information literacy.

Each class goes to the BCD once a week, during which each student can borrow 3 documents (novel, album, comics, magazine, non-fiction book). A reading is often proposed during this BCD session, but it can sometimes be a 1/4-hour news session, during which topical issues are discussed (mainly for CM1/CM2). Some sessions with the school teacher and the librarian include documentary research activities or media and information education (work on the press, writing articles for the #LIFE Magz, creating podcasts, etc.).

The life of the BCD is punctuated by cultural events and visits from authors. Children also take part in "Les Incorruptibles" literary prize. The BCD is a place of access to culture, where children discover and cultivate the pleasure of reading, and learn to respect some rules : listening, being quiet, taking care of books. Children come to the BCD to browse, listen, dream, imagine, discover and learn.


It is the heart of the cultural life of middle and high school students
. The CDI is open from 7:45 a.m. onwards, Monday to Friday.

An academic role

The CDI is closely involved in the educational activities of the school. As part of the school’s documentation policy, a number of documentary and information skills that students will have to achieve at the end of each cycle have been defined. One of the ways to achieve this is to aim for regular attendance of all students at the CDI.

In order to establish a solid foundation in documentary research, 6e students are welcomed one hour per week. As part of this Initiation to Documentary Research (IRD), they learn to use research tools (BCDI software, dictionaries, encyclopedias, classification of fictions and documentaries, Internet). They discover the steps of an effective documentary research.

A cultural role

The librarian sees to the enrichment and renewal of the fund in order to offer a wide choice of documentaries, novels, collections of poetry or tales and periodicals suitable to satisfy the greatest number.

Fictions can be borrowed for two weeks. Documentaries and encyclopedias must be consulted on site.

Students have at their disposal:

In accordance with the rules set out in the internal regulations, there are specific rules for the CDI:

At the BCD, those rules apply:

A question regarding a book, need advice?

Our team of library teachers is at your disposal from Monday to Friday to advise you on a reading choice, or to inform you about the availability of a book.