World Symbols

In Section International -CPs have been learning about World Symbols, particularly famous monuments, national animals and important personalities of Indonesia, France and USA. Children learnt about important symbols of these countries and about their importance in history. While talking about the US, children virtually visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota where Ms. Anne (our virtual […]

Art exhibition

The young artists of LIFE school will be featured in an exhibition that will open during the multicultural week between 6th June to the 10th in the courtyard.This art exhibition is led by Section International and this year’s theme is “It’s OK to be Different!”. Around thirty five students from three grades (CP, CM1 and […]

About the history of Mother’s Day

CE1 SI students have been learning about the history of Mother’s Day which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the US. They learned when and how different countries celebrate it. To show their appreciation, they made flower cards and coupon books to present to their mothers. The coupon books allow mom to use a coupon for […]

Mission succesfully accomplished!

The CM1-Section International had a successful Bake-A-Cause event last week. The students working in groups and individually, brought out baked treats to the school to sell. The funds raised were then given to Pak Johan Animal shelter in Jakarta. The students raised a total of 7 million IDR for the shelter. It turned out to […]

How does Erosion affect people?

Big Question: How does Erosion affect people, communities and earth’s surface?  In our Science Unit- Processes That Shape Earth, CM2 students learnt about Erosion. Erosion may be caused by natural forces such as water, rain, winds, waves, and other surface activities. Students were particularly looking at the landform itself and the amount of water within the […]

Mini research project

CE1 SI students have been studying about Ramadan and Easter, the two religious holidays this month. They compared Ramadan here and in the US. Also, they compared Easter in the US and France. The students were interested to know that the South of France has a special tradition that makes large omelets for Easter. Here is the link to […]

Sponsor a dog

What started out as a unit on history reading about European Explorers, led the CM1  students of Section International to do what they can to help animals in their community. It started as an idea while discussing European explorers and their expeditions to bring back spices from the Far East. CM1 seemed smitten by the idea […]

About Ronald Reagan and Amelia Earhart

CE1 SI students have been studying about the life of Ronald Reagan, the 40th US president. For their project, they made biography booklets that have basic facts and other information about the former president. Also, it includes an acrostic poem along with a portrait of Reagan and some of his famous quotes. CE2 SI students are finishing up […]

Science experiment on volcanoes

In our science unit ‘Processes that Change Earth’ students of CM2 are encouraged to learn what science and engineering practices are by engaging in those same practices as they learn. Our lesson segments are designed to reinforce the idea of science as an active practice, while helping students meet performance expectations. Each lesson segment is […]

National Women’s Month in the US

March is National Women’s Month in the United States. CE1 and CE2 SI students are studying women who have contributed greatly or have set an example for women in today’s society. This week, CE1 students are studying Helen Keller, an American author, disability rights advocate, political activist and lecturer. As an infant, Helen became deaf and blind from a high […]