at Lycée Français de Jakarta

Created in 1967, the Lycée Français Louis-Charles Damais is a private school with parental management approved by the Agency for Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE).

The association, which owns and governs the school, is a non-profit organization (Yayasan status according to Indonesian regulations) in which the parents of students are ex-officio members (1 vote per child) with the corporate purpose of:

• ensuring the sustainability of a French-model education in Jakarta,
• promoting cultural meetings and exchanges within the French speaking community in Indonesia.

The Lycée Français of Jakarta has seen an important stage in its development following the signing in 2002 of an agreement with the Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE), of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Life SCHOOL has six representative bodies
(education and administration):

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors has the essential role of managing life SCHOOL under the control of the General Assembly and within the framework of the agreement with the AEFE.

School Education Board

It is responsible for all matters relating to the academic and educational matters of the school.

School Governing Board

It meets to make decisions regarding school life, to vote on the school's internal regulations and to adopt the school's project.

High School Board

The CVCL allows the students' representatives to speak up in order to stimulate a new dynamic in middle and high school, new projects, a better operation of the school and wellbeing for the students.

High School Club

The MDL is an association created and managed by high school students for high school students. It aims to energize the school life by placing the students in project-oriented approaches.

Student representatives' assembly

Once a quarter, it brings together student representatives from all secondary classes (middle and high school) around the Principal and the education advisor.


Life School Jakarta

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