Board of Governors

The Board of Governors' main role is to manage the Lycée Français, under the control of the General Assembly and within the framework of the agreement with AEFE.

The Board of Governors is made up of a total of fourteen members including:

• 7 members with voting rights corresponding to the parents elected to the Bureau of the Association

• 7 members with consultative voices: the Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action in Indonesia, the Consul of France in Jakarta, the Principal and the Director of the primary school (both appointed by AEFE), two staff representatives from LFJ and an Indonesian VIP.

The Administrative and Financial Director is invited to the Boards of Governors who may also call on experts, depending on the agenda.

The Board of Governors has the following permanent functions:

• to prepare, present and have adopted by the General Assembly the budget of the Lycée Français and to manage this budget as adopted

• to ensure the recruitment and stability of a competent teaching team adapted to the aims of the Lycée Français

• to ensure the application and respect of the articles of the association, internal regulations and any special safety rules

• ensure the sustainability of school premises, their maintenance, their possible replacement as well as their equipment

The Board of Governors works in conjunction with the School Education Board, which formulates any educational proposal aimed at improving teaching and daily life at LIFE School. The Board of Governors may also create any other special commission or study group to assist it in solving specific, non-educational problems.

Jérémy Akoum

Chair to the Board of Governors

Members of the Board of Governors

Christophe Glass

Vice-President, in charge of purchasing


Larasati Novandra



Isabella Lopez Vera

HR Administrator

Philippe Auberger

Administrator in charge of the companies relations

Ludovic Bouvier

Administrator, in charge of orientations and the development project

Mike Helde


Staff representatives on the Board of Governors

Vincent Tudela

Secondary school teacher

Aurore Loosen

Secondary school teacher


Life School Jakarta

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