Dear parents of students, It is with enthusiasm and commitment that we send you this back-to-school message, marking the start of a new school year within our establishment. We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable time during your summer vacation. First of all, allow us to welcome the new parents who are joining our big educational family. We are delighted to welcome you and are convinced that you will find in our school a conducive environment for the development and success of your children. The year ahead brings challenges and opportunities. We remain resolutely committed to offer your children a quality education, combining academic rigor, personal development and openness to the world. Our teaching team will do everything possible to support each student in their quest for knowledge and in building their academic career. We continue to encourage the active participation of parents in school life. Your involvement and support are essential elements to guarantee the success of our students. Parent meetings, individual meetings with teachers, commissions and bodies including parents and festive events will be organized throughout the year to encourage communication and the sharing of experiences. The safety and well-being of your children remains our top priority. We maintain the necessary precautionary measures to ensure a healthy environment within the school, following the current health recommendations, particularly on the subject of pollution. I encourage you to stay connected through our website, newsletters and social media, where you will find important information, event announcements and educational articles. Together, we form a strong and engaged educational community. I am convinced that this year will be rich in accomplishments and successes for our students. Please do not hesitate to contact the teaching or administrative team with any questions or concerns you may have. I wish you all a great start to the school year and look forward to sharing this new educational adventure with you and your children. Best regards, Mr Brahim Oualli, Principal Mr Frédéric Tavernier, Primary School Director