Dear parents,

The Cooperation Advisor was present last week at the School Education Board to inform us of the possibility of reopening of schools in January 2021. Although at this stage nothing is fully confirmed in Jakarta, very positive signals seem to indicate that a decision in this direction could be announced soon. Last Friday, the Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim authorized local governors to decide on the opening of schools or face-to-face learning activities in schools in all areas from January 2021. The risk zoning map no longer determines the granting of authorizations to reopen schools to the students. It is up to the local authorities to decide so that they can select areas in a more detailed approach.

Our reopening in January 2021 depends on several factors:

The governor of Jakarta must agree that schools can reopen (unofficial decision to date)

Parents must give their consent for their child (ren) to return to school

A strict sanitary protocol must be respected

We will soon send you an intention form to fill out which will give you the choice to send your child (ren) to school. I take this opportunity to thank the parent representatives who have been working with us since June on the development of the health protocol that largely meets the government standards. This presentation will soon be available for you to read on the school website. A more complete version will be sent to you by email and it will be necessary to sign it (on Eduka) before classes resume. In particular, we have added an academic section for the students. It will be useful to accompany them and take the precaution of carefully preparing the first returns to LFJ. I will be sure to keep you informed of any important developments.

I remain at your disposal for any further information.


Brahim Oualli, Head of School