Art exhibition

The young artists of LIFE school will be featured in an exhibition that will open during the multicultural week between 6th June to the 10th in the courtyard.This art exhibition is led by Section International and this year’s theme is “It’s OK to be Different!”. Around thirty five students from three grades (CP, CM1 and CM2) worked for two weeks to create twenty six colorful pieces. The children of CP created a series of reflective shapes observing the objects around them, children were encouraged to express their personal thoughts and emotions visually.The children of CM1 created four large canvases. They painted  faces across the canvas – each face with a different expression – and they painted abstract shapes and designs inspired by daily objects like horse-shoe, clouds, wheels and even hearts with hats. The children of CM2 drew geometric faces to remind us to recognize the differences among us. Lopsided, asymmetric, skewed and sometimes funny, these faces  celebrate the differences among us. Please join us to celebrate the work of these children.

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