American International Section

at Lycée Français of Jakarta

SI (International Section)​

The American International Section falls under the umbrella of the French curriculum. The program offers classes in the native language (English) but also incorporates American culture and teaching methods. ​

Culture and Literature​

Our International Section program focuses on American literature and provides rich cultural experiences. Through stories, fables, myths, and poetry we explore America’s varied regions, famous citizens, and important symbols. Students enjoy celebrating national holidays, tasting regional food, and discovering shared intercultural traditions – all while building a strong knowledge base in American literature.

The American International Section at LFJ is taught exclusively by teachers with diplomas from North America. They bring authentic American accents and dialects, vocabulary and traditions into the classroom. They create connections back to their home country whether through pen pal projects, guest speakers or live video exchanges. The program is a wonderful example of the diversity and multiculturalism at LFJ, as it is made up of students from all backgrounds.

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Native Speakers​
Content Based Instruction

Our teachers offer age-appropriate language instruction through a culture and literature based curriculum, developed by native speakers, for the SI program. In addition, students are able to pursue further English language study through subject and content (math, art, science). In addition to the communicative language approach of ESL, the balanced literacy approach of SI, this content based instruction program builds academic vocabulary, enriches academic reading and deepens academic discourse. ​

At the core of the American International Section program is a strong focus on intercultural communications and interactions. The teachers bring to life American culture and literature inside and outside the classroom through field trips, guest speakers and direct communication with other American students. Through projects and exchanges, our intention is to develop students who are open-minded, culturally curious and conscious global citizens. ​

Intercultural Exchange​
American Pedagogy​

One of the unique aspects of the American International Section is that it also includes best practices of American pedagogy. The educators are trained in cooperative learning techniques to increase student participation and create a fun and active learning environment. As the curriculum is project-based, there is ample opportunity to employ project-based learning strategies, reading programs and presentations. ​

Our learning system

In the Primary school, the program is tailored for children from all backgrounds: those who have lived abroad, native English speakers and children who are motivated to improve their English language skills. The classes are taught by native speakers who hold degrees in their country.

In 2017, there were 463 international section programs worldwide, including 140 in the AEFE network. These programs offer all students access to a bilingual and multicultural education. They are designed to develop bilingual skills and access to a comprehensive international education.

English language teaching.
Projects, American culture and literature
Enseignement Matière Intégration Langue Etrangère
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General Topic Outline​


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