In our science unit ‘Processes that Change Earth’ students of CM2 are encouraged to learn what science and engineering practices are by engaging in those same practices as they learn. Our lesson segments are designed to reinforce the idea of science as an active practice, while helping students meet performance expectations. Each lesson segment is introduced by asking a Big Question emphasizing active engagement with an activity. Can scientists predict when a volcano is going to erupt?  In our Volcano lesson, students learnt about the destructive nature of volcanoes and how scientists predict them. This knowledge supported the Volcano project and the report submitted by the students which presented a solution to Earth hazards that may affect their local community. Students were asked to create their own volcano using recycled materials. They used recycled paper which were nestled around a used glass bottle. The balls of paper were smoothed out with a covering of paper which was then painted and left to dry. The following ingredients were used to make the volcanic eruption: Baking soda, dish detergent, vinegar, red food coloring and warm water.